The rotten revenge

Swedish title: Den ruttna hämnden

Series: Steely-Stella

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 02-05-2013

Format: 112 pg, 148x210 mm b/w illustrations

The rotten revenge

Maria Frensborg, illustrated by Ingrid Flygare

New thrilling superhero series for girls and boys! The super-hero Steely-Stella solves knotty problems in homely small town detective stories.

There is a lot going on in the little seaside town of Dockvik. Somebody has broken into the one-stop shop. But why have the thieves grabbed all of the tins of sour herring and not taken a single krona from the till? Best friends Stella and Gustav decide to spy on the inhabitants of the little town. After all, who could be so weird that he or she would steal rotten fish?

In the second book, The dirty deed, Gustav and Stella investigate new mysterious events in the little town. Who is stealing all of the left shoes in the pingpong hall? And what is up with the Greenpeace ship visiting the city? Soon it is time for Steely-Stella to solve another tricky problem.

These are the first two books in a series of stand-alone easy-to-read books about the superhero Steely-Stella who gets to take over the role of superhero from her mysterious predecessor Steely-Stina.

Maria Frensborg’s unique and subtle storytelling and Ingrid Flygare’s no-nonsense illustrations bring an extra humorous dimension to this popular genre. An entertaining and richly illustrated book set in a Swedish small town environment by the sea amid steep cliffs.

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