The Secret Letter

Swedish title: Det hemliga brevet

Series: The Shcool for Knights

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 01-07-2016

Format: 148 x21O mm, 64 pages, color

The Secret Letter

Magnus Ljunggren, illustrated by Mats Vänehem

Excitement, drama and humor in an entertaining mixture of the life of a knight and a school setting. Entertaining reading for both boys and girls who have just learned to read on their own, with cool, action-packed illustrations. The series about the School for Knights features the three friends Egon, Fiona and Urban who are training to become knights.

A rider comes galloping up to the fortress. She has a secret letter for the king and it’s urgent! All the knights are dazzled by the mysterious guest. They try to outdo each other in their attempts to impress her by showing how big and strong the y are. Ridiculous think Fiona,

Egon and Urban. But when even their tutor Roderick falls in love they decide to help. And what could be more romantic than pure poetry?

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Finska: Mäkelä

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