The Secret of the Deep sea

Swedish title: Djupsjöns hemlighet

Series: The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 15-04-2013

Format: 32 pg, 195x260mm, Colour

The Secret of the Deep sea

Jonna Björnstjerna

Little Brother Rabbit does not like swimming, it´s so wet. And especially not in the Deep Sea which is so scary. When Little Brother finally dares to jump in, Big Brother yells “A monster!” scaring Little Brother who jumps out pretty quickly. But there was nothing there. Both Big brother and Big Sister keep shouting about the monster behind him but Little Brother is not taken in.

Then there is a deathly silence. When he turns around he finds both his brother and sister have disappeared. To search for them, Little Brother has to dive into a sea full of clammy fish and in the depths he is surrounded by horrible eels.

 Luckily an underwater elf pops up. He and the other elves know just how dangerous the sea monster is and they promise to rescue brother and sister. However, if they are to succeed they will need Little Brother´s help. But how can he help when he´s so scared? He finally realizes that he actually has a secret weapon….

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