The Shadow and the Dragon

Swedish title: Skuggan och draken

Series: Maro's Journey

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 18-11-2013

Format: 112 pages, 148 x 210, b/w illustrations

The Shadow and the Dragon

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Åsa Ekström

This is the second part in Jo Salmson’s exciting series “Maro’s Journey”. We meet a boy whose destiny takes him on a secret mission in the service of the king. A compelling book for starter readers with brilliant black and white drawings by Åsa Ekström. Beautiful, easy to read and imaginative!
There is a traitor among the king’s knights and only a magic truth brew can reveal who it is! To regain the king’s trust, Maro promises to get this brew. If he succeeds, he will be dubbed a knight – the youngest knight ever!
First he has to obtain a cup of blood from a talking dragon. And together with the other ingredients Maro will take the dragon blood to the isle of magicians where the brew will be concocted. To help on his quest he has a Shadow, one of the king’s secret spies, but Maro soon realizes that others have been sent on the same mission! So now he can no longer trust anyone…

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