The Shadow Children

Swedish title: Skuggbarnen

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 03-01-2014

Format: 32 pages, 250 x 290 mm, colour

The Shadow Children

Ulf Stark, illustrated by Anna Höglund

A modern, poetic and imaginative tale by the notable picture book duo Ulla Stark and Anna Höglund. In this incredibly beautiful book, two children set off to search for their missing shadows and ask the Creator to give them back. Evoking the memory of the old sagas and the meaning of dreams, light meets darkness in this ultimate picture book.

The Creator was satisfied, everything had turned out well. But then It (the Creator was neither male nor female) noticed ugly spots under everything. These were shadows!

So It took Its broom of light and swept them to the other side of the world.
People were happier without their shadows and sorrow disappeared. But memories faded too and the old tales and sagas were forgotten and people dreamt no more.
Only a girl and a boy missed their shadows and set off to find them.

Ulla Stark and Anna Höglund have received the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for Can you whistle Johanna. The Shadow Children is their eleventh picture book. It was originally written as a theatrical production and played for many years at the Stockholm City Theatre. It is still remembered and praised today.

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