The Sleepover

Swedish title: Sagasagor. Sova över

Series: Saga's Stories

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 04-06-2019

Format: 165 x 210 mm, 32 pages, colour

The Sleepover

Josefine Sundström, illustrated by Emma Göthner

In this story Saga is having a sleepover at her grandfather’s house at the countryside. Out there she feels at home. And, big as well. She likes being at grandpa’s house, but it’s the first time she will sleep away alone, without Mum or Dad. It feels exciting. They hug goodbye, and then Saga and Grandpa can do whatever they want to. Saga gets to drink coffee from a thermos in the forest, and fry sausages at the stove all by herself. But when Grandpa makes the bed for Saga in the sofa bed, she says stop! She does not want to sleep alone in a sofa bed in the room next door. She wants to sleep in Grandpa’s room with him.

A warm and recognisable story about daring to spend time over generations. Saga’s stories invite you to the little and big moments of a delightful everyday life, that many children can recognise themselves in. The series is a perfect transition from reading picture books to starting to read chapter books. The text has previously been published in the book Saga Stories: Trampolines, Swimming Classes and a Lost Tiger Paw.