The Star stone

Swedish title: Stjärnstenen

Series: The Fate of the Dragons

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 11-05-2015

Format: 148x210 mm, 304 pages

The Star stone

Jo Salmson

Nea’s mother was one of Demar’s famous Dragon Knights. When she fell in love with Belon, one of the chosen starseers, she was forced to leave her family and abandon her green dragon. She and Belon only got a few happy years together. Nea was still a baby when her father was killed in the war against the Sorcerer. Since then the city has only had one starseer. Now, Nea ha to pass a test to prove that she has the Gift too. But what she sees in stone changes her life forever. When Nea discovers the truth about her father’s death, she realises that danger threatens them! Now they need Demar’s dragons more than ever – but both the dragons and the Dragon Knights seem to have abandoned their promises…
The Starstones is the first of three parts in Jo Salmson’s new fantasy series The Fate of the Dragons. She has written enormously popular series for 6+ before. This time she writes for children who are 9+. “With a muffled bang the door shuts behind Nea. The hall is dark. The only light comes from the Starstone, which is standing in front of the altar. There, the starseer Fenel is waiting for her.
– It is time, he says sternly.
This is the most important moment in Nea’s life. If she is found to have the Gift she becomes the starseer’s apprentice.”

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