The Swedish Snus Handbook

Swedish title: Snus!

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 12-09-2017

Format: 170x240 mm, 128 pages

The Swedish Snus Handbook

Mats Jonson

Swedish snus has a unique position in the world and is continually being developed through a thorough choice of tobacco, well­tested flavourings and high quality production methods. Both large and small producers employ master blenders in order to create new and exciting snus products – all based on over 200 years of global expertise.
  A unique snus culture is developing and it’s a culture that has an exciting future ahead of it. More and more snus users are finding their way around the rich and varied range of products available and are starting to discover the rewards of choosing different snus varieties for different occasions. Tastings and courses in combining snus with different drinks are held at many places and an increasing number of restaurants are offering snus as a way of rounding off a dining experience. To cut a long story short, snus is on its way to becoming a fully integrated
part of gastronomy.
  This book is about snus as we know it today. About how it’s made, who makes it and how different factors affect the results. But it’s also about the history of snus, the myths surrounding it and its setbacks and successes over the years. It teaches you how to test and assess it and describes the art of enjoying it and it even tells you how to buy and store it.

MATS JONSON is a sommelier, wine writer and author as well as a popular guide and snus
tasting leader at the Snus and Match Museum.


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