The Sweetie Monster

Swedish title: Godistrollet

Series: The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 16-03-2010

Format: 32 pages, 190x260 mm, colour

The Sweetie Monster

Jonna Björnstjerna, illustrated by Jonna Björnstjerna

Why are kids not allowed to eat sweets every day? Why can they only eat sweets on Saturday?

Because it’s the only day in the week when the SWEETIE MONSTER sleeps. On any other day the monster will come and take away children who eat sweets!
But can this really be true? Little Brother Rabbit’s daddy insists that it is. But Daddy helps himself from the bag of sweets in the middle of the week, and no sweetie monster appears. Little Brother suspects that the monster is just something the adults have made up!
When Daddy leaves the kitchen, Little Brother goes over to the sweetie cupboard and climbs up. He breathes in the wonderful smell of sweets, hesitates for a moment, then pops a sweet into his mouth…
But then, oh no, a pair of long, long arms reach out into the kitchen and grab hold of Little Brother – it’s the Sweetie Monster!

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