The Tenth Floor

Swedish title: Tionde våningen

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 23-03-2018

Format: 135x215 mm, 320 pages

The Tenth Floor

Christina Herrström

Christina Herrström now writes for teenagers, with a powerful depiction of overarching love, the search for freedom and courage. After the divorce of her parents, Jorinde lives alone in an apartment. From the windows on the l0thth floor she looks out over the city and the feeling of freedom is both attractive and scary. Her friends think it’s like a dream come true – to come and go as you like, party whenever you want. But taking care of her finance, setting the alarm-dock in the morning and being there for her father who’s moved to the isolated family cottage on a remote island, often feels all too overwhelming. Agnes, her best friend, is around, but the evenings and nights are long and often dark. Then there is time to think. Who is she and who does she want to be? How will she be able to be around to everyone who needs her? Then Emanuel shows up at a party. Agnes becomes jealous, and the love for Emanuel fills Jorinde with contradictory feelings. When both Agnes and Emanuel leave for the Christmas break, Jorinde travels to her father on the island, and tries to figure out what she wants and where she wants to lead her life.

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