The Treasure Hunt in Mundu Onak

Swedish title: Skattjakten i Mundu Onak

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 12-08-2019

Format: 174x240 mm, 96 pages, color

The Treasure Hunt in Mundu Onak

Eva Susso, Jali Madi Susso , illustrated by Katsiaryna Dubovik

The lion Mfalme is the king in the kingdom of Mundu Onak, which spans all the way from the beach up to the Large Forest.

Mfalme has never dared to go further than that. But one day, the pig Glen is washed up on the beach in Mundu Onak, bringing a treasure map with him. Glen needs to find the treasure to impress his big brother, the only problem is that it is hidden on the other side of the Large Forest.

Together, the new friends gather courage and go to find what lies beyond the Mundu Onak kingdom. Along the way, they meet the street dog Samira who has also crossed the sea to find a treasure to make her the richest of all the street dogs. But what none of the three friends know is that treasures might not always be what we expect them to be.

Mathilde Coffy

Foreign Rights Director | Children's Books (On Study Leave)

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