The Werewolf Boy

Swedish title: Varulfspojken

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 12-04-2011

Format: 48 pages, 148x210, color

The Werewolf Boy

Ulf Stark, illustrated by Markus Majaluoma

What happens if you are bitten by a werewolf? You become a werewolf yourself of course.

A sequel to the critically acclaimed The Boy Who’s Got What It Takes, The Miracle Boy, The Detective Boy and The Kissing Boy. It is a warm, easy-to-read story. The book is richly illustrated with Markus Majaluoma’s playful, imaginative and slightly crazy pictures, superbly highlighting both the humour and the seriousness in Ulf Stark’s text.

And that is precisely what Ulf becomes. A werewolf! No matter that his brother says he was the one who bit him.
So now how is Ulf going to stop himself eating up his family when it will soon be full moon?
But dad’s dental nurse knows the cure: sardines and rich tea biscuits.

“The Werewolf Boy” is the fifth book in a series which started with “The Miracle Boy”, and like the previous books it’s about Ulf the eternal little brother and his battle to win a little place in the big boys’ world.

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