The Whimsical Home

Swedish title: Vackra vintagehem

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 20-02-2014

Format: 215x280 mm, 128 pages

The Whimsical Home

Susanna Zacke, Sania Hedengren

This colourful and popular writing duo continues to share their wonderful recycling, craft and DIY tips with us. This time, they take us to five charming houses, all of which are very differently furnished with vintage pieces. The chapters end with tips on how to achieve these styles interspersed with craft, building and design ideas. Follow the authors as they cast in concrete, crochet, sew, build, paint, revamp, cut, glue, design and decorate in their very own colourful way.

The book even includes step-by-step instructions for making concrete candlesticks, tiling a stool in domino pieces,
building a traditional wardrobe and creating a picture from potholders. Susanna and Sania show us how to mix charming flea-market finds with modern furniture and how to use their style no matter where and how you live. What is most important is that you use your imagination and dare to be personal!

The Whimsical Home is the sequel to Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren’s successful book Wonderful Vintage. The
authors have also written some very popular books about handicrafts and using cement as a design material.

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