The Witchcraft Academy: The Fire Witch

Swedish title: Trolldomsakademien - Eldhäxan

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 02-06-2014

Format: 158x228, 224 pages, b/w illustrations

The Witchcraft Academy: The Fire Witch

Peter Bergting

A mysterious detective puzzle in a fantasy setting. The Witchcraft Academy is the place where young people in the town Morwhayle study magic, a school that is full of strange rooms, traps and weird pupils. Even dragons are allowed and there are demons in the toilets.

Here Miranda, Orville and Emmi meet for the first time and become friends. Together with their young teacher Malda, who was once an evil demon princess, they try to solve the mystery of a magic murder that has been committed in the building.

A book full of excitement and laughs with mysteries waiting to be solved. Why should you always wear swimsuits under your clothes in this school? And what really happened to Professor Badwedyr? The illustrations by Peter Bergting are fantastic.

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