Treo, Enis and one more

Swedish title: Treo, Enis och en till

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 22-08-2013

Format: 32 pages, 150 x 280 mm, color

Treo, Enis and one more

Maria Nilsson Thore, illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore

Treo and Enis, two zebras that live in a hopelessly long-winded existence until one day when a misunderstanding changes everything. A third zebra enters and soon it becomes clear that life will never be the same again for the Treo and Enis… and one more.

The zebras Treo and Enis terraced area look all the same. Everyone has the same house and the same neat lawns. And the home of the Treo and Enis one daily chore follows the other. Day in and day out. But Treo dreams about doing something fun and different. And that dream come true one day when Enis suddenly is full of pranks and crazy ideas. It is not at all like Enis, and when prank goes a little too far begins Treo smell a rat…

Treo, Enis and another is a wonderful picture book full of humor and hilarious situations. But it also raises questions about how we can be different even though we look very similar, and that everyone has the right to be completely unique.

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