Tullia’s World

Swedish title: Tullias värld

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 15-05-2020

Tullia’s World

Kerstin Ekman

Just like many other Roman women, little is known about Tullia, beloved daughter of Cicero and the heroine of
legendary author and erstwhile Swedish Academy member Kerstin Ekman’s latest book.

Based on her interest in antiquity, Kerstin Ekman gives us an account of a young woman’s life and world, in a rich and tender book with both literary and personal elements that will appeal to fans of Ekman but also Mary Beard.

“Cicero’s daughter is the fragile thread in my story. I knew nothing about her at school or at university. If you wanted to learn about the women who lived during the era of the great men, you had to read about the great men — there was no other way. In fact, we know almost nothing about the thoughts and feelings of women until they started telling us about them. But this would of course take a very long time. Who Tullia was at heart? We may never know…”

TULLIA’S WORLD is an elegy of what we’re about to lose today, subtly accomplished like a beautifully pictured walk through the history of the Roman Empire.’
— Ulrika Milles, Dagens Nyheter

‘… tremendously written, it’s a book that only a really experienced writer could have written, and a book that needs to be read slowly. That’s when it will give a splendid account of the transitional period in Roman history.’
— Gotlands Tidningar

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