Understanding Your Cat

Swedish title: Hur tänker din katt?

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 05-04-2016

Format: 170 x 235 mm, 208 pages

Understanding Your Cat

Bo Söderström, illustrated by Anders Rådén

When did wild cats become domesticated? Where are the right spots for petting your cat? How can you prevent your cat from clawing your furniture?

This book answers these questions and many more besides. Unlike other books about feline behaviour, this one is based on science. Although amazing research about cats has been done in recent years, the exciting results have only reached outside the narrow walls of universities in the form of newspaper articles.

In this book, researcher and editor-in-chief Bo Söderström deciphers the most interesting results from a popular point of view. Despite having spent more than 30 years with cats, the author still experienced aha moments for every chapter he wrote, learning more facts about the behaviour of cats.

The chapters all end with a ”researcher’s tips” section where concrete tips are presented point by point. We guarantee that after reading it, you will be even more fascinated by cats and their behaviour.

Bo Söderström is a senior lecturer in conservation biology and works as editor-in-chief at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. He has been fascinated by cats since an early age and has three cats of his own.

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