Viggos ord

Swedish title: Viggos ord

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Pub date: 01-08-2011

Viggos ord

Birgitta Westin, illustrated by Mati Lepp

Now we are celebrating Viggo’s birthday with a new Viggo book – a picture dictionary with inset fact boxes! Read it together, point and talk about the words and pictures which make up Viggo’s delightful surroundings.

It is 25 years this year since little boy Viggo popped up as a picture book character. Since then he has become a great favourite among many small children – and their parents. The books about Viggo’s everyday life are constantly reaching new readers and are reprinted year after year.
“Viggo’s words” holds over a hundred words which are illustrated with everyday and familiar situations that children will encounter at home or at Granny and Granddad’s. From LAMP and CAKE, to FROG and WHEELBARROW. There are also words from the realms of fantasy, like PRINCESS and DRAGON, because Viggo has become big enough to want to look at books too. Viggo’s world is growing every day … every child can see themselves in Viggo!

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