Vips in the Tree

Swedish title: Vips i trädet

Series: Vips

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 04-03-2019

Format: 215x280 mm, 32 pages, colour

Vips in the Tree

Oskar Jonsson, illustrated by Oskar Jonsson

Vips, the forest’s smallest and most helpful adventurer, takes shelter in the great oak during a heavy rain. There he finds a scared and sad woodpecker who has lost his family. Vips must help his new friend!

In vibrant watercolor pictures, Oskar Jonsson creates a wonderful world that one only wants to dive into. There is always something that crawls, grows and makes sounds in the ever-changing and fascinating natural landscape. The schrew Vips reminds us how simple and wonderful it can be to just sit out on a stump and look around. But of course, Vips never stays put for that long …

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