What a supply teacher!

Swedish title: Vilken vikarie!

Series: Class 1b

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 08-08-2011

Format: 64 pages, 148x210mm, colour

What a supply teacher!

Helena Bross, illustrated by Christel Rönns

Class 1b is the favourite series of the youngest children at school. Easy-to-read books in which both boys and girls can see themselves and where every book in the series features one or more of the friends in Class 1b as the main characters.

Miss Clara the teacher has developed a big tummy. She is expecting a baby and Class 1b is to have a supply teacher called Peter. It seems strange.

One morning there is a motor bike parked outside the school – it’s Peter who has come on a visit.

– He’s really nice, whispers Lova to Siri. And cool! I hope he starts soon. But it takes time. Teacher has to finish her time first and Peter has to move into the town.

But then Clara’s baby arrives – but too early, before Peter can come! Now what will happen? Who will be the supply teacher?

“What a supply teacher!” is the fourteenth stand-alone part of the series about the children in Class 1b. You can also read: “The ghost in the school”, “Strongest in the class”, “Secret friends”, “The best glasses in the world”, “New boy/girl in the class”, “The tooth gang”, “Lost in the woods”, “We want a disco”, “Screams and poo”, “Dial 999!”, “Help, we’re going to be late!”, “A night at school” and “Make friends!”

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Chinese (simp.): Jieli
Danish: Lamberth
Norweigan: Cappelen Damm

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