What does the Dog say?

Swedish title: Säjer hunden?

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 25-06-2004

Format: 32 pages, 187x165mm, colour

What does the Dog say?

Pija Lindenbaum, illustrated by Pija Lindenbaum

A picture book about animal parents and their young.

 In Pija Lindensbaum´s animal book, parent and child make the noises that the animals make. A fun book for young and old.

What does the cow say? And what about her little calf? What noises do the sheep and lamb make? Exercise your vocal chords in this new format, new cover edition of Pija Lindenbaum´s much-loved book. You make the sounds for each adult and young animal. Wuff like a dog, baa like a sheep, cheep like a bird or moo like a cow… Now what could be more fun?

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