What Would You Do?

Swedish title: Vad skulle du ha valt?

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 11-08-2008

Format: 192 pages

What Would You Do?

Annika Thor

Jesper and Abbe live in an ordinary small town, and have just started Year 8 in school. They have known each other almost all their lives, and hang out together practically every day. But then Jesper hooks up with Annie, and the situation changes. Annie is no ordinary girl, she’s something special. “It’s as if Annie has some kind of special power that radiates from her. It means you can’t help looking at her, but at the same time you daren’t go too close.” Annie has a secret, and sometimes she’s away from school for several days. Nobody has ever got really close to Annie before, not until she and Jesper get together and he is allowed to share her secret.

But while more and more of Jesper’s time is taken up with Annie, Abbe disappears and ends up making friends with the wrong people. One night this has devastating consequences, when everything is turned upside down.

Annika Thor has a masterly touch when it comes to describing young people and their emotions. In this book she once again writes with complete credibility about friendship and love, and about how difficult being a teenager can sometimes be.

What Would You Do? takes up universal themes such as love, friendship, jealousy, loneliness and betrayal.

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