Who isn’t Well?

Swedish title: Vem är sjuk?

Series: Who?

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 06-08-2012

Format: 32 pages, 170x170 mm, color

Who isn’t Well?

Stina Wirsén

Teddy isn’t feeling well today. She has a tummy ache and doesn’t want to eat even though it’s her favourite food. Daddy rings the doctor and all of a sudden they have to rush off to the hospital. Teddy has appendicitis and has to have an operation! Everything goes well and when Teddy comes home she has a cool scar to show her friends. There are fourteen books already about Teddy, Cat and all the others. They are meant to be read to and by the very youngest children, from approximately age 1 ½. The stories are direct and simple, but with great finesse and sensitivity Stina Wirsén finds the small nuances that turn them into powerful, dramatic adventures about deep feelings. 


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