Would you like to see a star?

Swedish title: Vill ni se en stjärna?

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 18-03-2013

Format: 64 pg, 148x210 mm, Colour

Would you like to see a star?

Ulf Stark, illustrated by Mati Lepp

Reuben’s best friend is called Astor. He dares try almost anything and he can do loads of cool things like wiggling his ears and wolf-whistling. But Astor’s mummy and daddy are worried about what will happen to Astor in the future. Astor wants to be a star but how can you become that when you yourself and other people think you are ugly and not right? Reuben wants to help his friend and with the help of a book on hypnosis from the library he manages to get Astor’s luck to change!

In this book one of Sweden’s most popular children’s authors gets together again with one of our most beloved illustrators, in a charming and entertaining story where everything is possible. Ulf Stark and Mati Lepp have previously collaborated on Big Brother, When mummy was a red Indian, The night daddy played and A classroom full of flies.

Rights sold

Italian: Iperborea
Serbian: Krativni Centar

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