Writing Over Your Face

Swedish title: Jag skriver över ditt ansikte

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 12-04-2021

Format: 143 x 221 mm

Writing Over Your Face

Anna-Karin Palm

An elegant memoir of the disappearance of a mind behind the veil of Alzheimer’s, about women’s roles over generaƟons and mother-daughter relationships.

You say: ‘What’s your mother’s name?’

I respond: ‘That’s you. You are my mother.’

In MEMORY, WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE, Anna‐Karin Palm follows her mother’s gradual disappearance into Alzheimer’s disease, as she tries to understand her mother’s life, and how it has influenced herself and the family. It is a story about climbing the social ladder, about hunger for life, about family secrets and a complicated mother‐ daughter relaƟonship that can finally end in reconciliation.

Anna‐Karin Palm reflects on memory, wriƟng and how the story of a life is shaped. MEMORY, WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE is a strong and touching portrait of a woman’s fate, but also about a family that changes when death comes close.

With a sensibility similar to Sigrid Rausing’s Mayhem, the author lo‐ vingly aƩempts to depict her mother in her entirety, from all possible angles. Praise for the authorship

‘Anna‐Karin Palm’s writing includes wisdom, intellectual clarity and a fascinating archetypal level. She drills right into the most pressing ex‐ istentialist issues, and she does so with a melancholy and a courage that is admirable.’


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