Writing Over Your Face

Swedish title: Jag skriver över ditt ansikte

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 12-04-2021

Format: 143 x 221 mm

Writing Over Your Face

Anna-Karin Palm

An elegant memoir of the disappearance of a mind behind the veil of Alzheimer’s, about women’s roles over generations and mother-daughter relationships

You say: ‘What’s your mother’s name?’

I respond: ‘That’s you. You are my mother.’

In WRITING OVER YOUR FACE, Anna-Karin Palm follows her mother’s gradual disappearance into Alzheimer’s disease, as she tries to understand her mother’s life, and how it has influenced herself and the family. It is a story about climbing the social ladder, about hunger for life, about family secrets and a complicated mother-daughter relationship that can finally end in reconciliation.

Anna-Karin Palm reflects on memory, writing and how the story of a life is shaped. WRITING OVER YOUR FACE is a strong and touching portrait of a woman’s fate, but also about a family that changes when death draws near.

With a sensibility similar to Sigrid Rausing’s Mayhem, the author lovingly attempts to depict her mother in her entirety, from all possible angles.

Johanna Lindborg
Johanna Lindborg

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