Yarn Yarn Yarn

Swedish title: Garn garn garn

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Crafts & Hobbies

Pub date: 12-09-2011

Yarn Yarn Yarn

Susanna Zacke, Sania Hedengren

Sania Hedengren and Susanna Zacke continues being mad about yarn, which means they make a sequel to the book Mad about yarn.

This book is just as happy, creative and imaginative spirit, and it’s hard not to be inspired.

There is something for everyone no matter age, knowledge or how used you are to handicrafting.

The book contains new ideas for personal intrerior design items, charming clothes, fun accessories, and other things made of yarn.

Don’t buy the string when you are going to wrap a gift—crochet instead! Protect your laptop witha crocheted case, or your iphone. Make the kids’ teddy bears, a new lamp, a ring…

Knitting and crocheting is very calming, almost like meditation and almost addictive. In a positive way.

Renew, change, recycle are the themes of the books— decorate old things with yarn and they become as new.

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