Year-Round Cultivation

Swedish title: Odla året om

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Home & Garden

Pub date: 11-03-2016

Format: 195 x 240, 192 pages

Year-Round Cultivationharvesting vegetables and herbs throughout the year

Lena Israelsson

Thanks to climate change, autumns are now longer and warmer and the best thing you can do for the environment is to make use of these rises in temperature to grow your own produce. Lena Israelsson has developed the art of extending the outdoor growing season from four to eight months and in the winter she grows leaf vegetables and herbs indoors. With this book, Lena hopes to inspire readers so that they can double, perhaps triple, their own crop.

The choice of plants forms the basis of a year-round cultivation. This book differentiates between cold weather plants, such as spinach, radishes, lettuce and carrots, that are suitable for spring and autumn cultivation, and warm weather plants, like tomatoes, chilli and corn, that thrive in the heat. To help readers select the right plant for each season, there’s a quick reference guide full of facts about each plant, including suitable soil temperatures. Year-round cultivation also means growing plants during the heat of the summer, which is why the book even has advice on how to grow heat-loving plants like tomatoes, chillies and basil.

Lena Israelsson is one of Sweden’s most popular gardening personalities. She has a passion for growing plants and has written several books about kitchen gardening. Lena has twice been nominated for Sweden’s most prestigious non-fiction book prize, the August Prize.

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