You are Going to Miss Me!

Swedish title: Ni kommer sakna mig

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 02-05-2017

Format: 134x213 mm, 304 pages

You are Going to Miss Me!

Moa Herngren

I am seventeen years old. I decided to become an adult less than 24 hours ago and I’m already a criminal. Now I’m on the run from the police and hiding in the woods.

When Mom travels to the countryside with her new lover and Dad flyes to Mallorca with his new family, Mia is left alone in town during the summer break. Both her parents think she is going to spend the summer with the other. Instead of pointing out the mistake, Mia decides to  cope on her own.

This marks the start to a few turbulent months where Mia learns all about surviving without work and money. She breaks into the house she lived in as a child in a desperate attempt to get back to a more secure existence. She sets up camp and ends up in the hands of drug dealers and others who exploit vulnerable young girls – but she never, ever,  sees herself as a victim.

Moa Herngren grabs the reader’s attention from the start and has written an action-filled book about living a hard life on the edge of existence.




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