You. Poems for Newborns

Swedish title: Du. Dikter för nyfödingar

Category: Children

Pub date: 04-04-2017

Format: 210x297 mm, 40 pages

You. Poems for Newborns

Stina Wirsén

A magnificent book for all ages, be it new parents, grown-up children and newly born, a perfect gift to all Stina Wirsén’s fans. Poetry meets spellbinding images in a new format where pages are posters that can be displayed and come to life on the wall.


A book of poetry about expecting, the first moments with the new baby and the later stages. Stina Wirsén is a master at describing major events with short sentences and stylish images which go straight to the heart, and poetry is a medium where she truly excels.


She skillfully conjures up images and emotions and delivers an arresting reading time. The magic of words and exquisite art united in an extraordinary book. 

Mathilde Coffy

Foreign Rights Director | Children's Books (On Study Leave)

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