Anders Szalkai

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Anders Szalkai

ANDERS SZALKAI has run 61 marathons and won the Stockholm Marathon 2001. Since retiring from professional long-distance running, he has helped thousands of runners with training programmes. He is a qualified sports teacher and works as a training expert for the Stockholm Marathon Group and the website Anders also has chief responsibility for Sweden’s largest training group for amateur runners Team Stockholm Marathon.

Books by Anders Szalkai

Marathons and Other Long Distance Runs

Anders Szalkai

If you have ever dreamt of taking part in the New York Marathon or any other long-distance run for that matter, then you have to read this book. Written by the Swedish running expert and marathon winner Anders Szalkai, this invaluable guide will help…

Swedish title: Maraton och andra långlopp

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 11-03-2014

Format: 195x240 mm, 160 pages