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Andreas Eenfeldt

ANDREAS EENFELDT is a medical doctor, who’se main focus is how food and lifestyle can improve his patients’ health and decrease their need for medical help. He also runs the biggest health blog ( and is a popular speaker both for the public and health staff, both in Sweden as well as abroad. His blog is daily updated on the latest news on low carb high fat research, and frequently reports from medical conferences.

Eenfeldt’s main goal is to spread the knowledge that an alarming number of people get sick and fat from the health advice we get today, he wants to lead the Food Revolution.

Books by Andreas Eenfeldt

The Food Revolution

Andreas Eenfeldt

Get rid of your fat phobia! Join the food revolution!Science has recently proven that the previous advice to avoid fat was totally wrong! We have been “fat-scared!”If you want to know how you should eat to maintain your healthy weight, read this book…

Swedish title: Matrevolutionen

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 04-01-2011

Format: 256 pages