The Food Revolution

Swedish title: Matrevolutionen

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 04-01-2011

Format: 256 pages

The Food RevolutionStay healthy with real food

Andreas Eenfeldt

Get rid of your fat phobia! Join the food revolution!

Science has recently proven that the previous advice to avoid fat was totally wrong! We have been “fat-scared!”

If you want to know how you should eat to maintain your healthy weight, read this book! Here you will learn an alternative theory on food, health and weight.

Before: Decades of fat-scaring have ruled our health advisories. One problem, though: we didn’t lose any weight or improve our overall health. Instead, we gained weight, and often we even impacted our blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. We grew fatter and sicker by trying to live healthy.

Now: More and more doctors and scientists are pointing out the many advantages of low-carb diets. Scientific studies show that there are really no legitimate reasons to be scared of natural fat.

Follow Dr. Eenfeldt on a fascinating trip, from the dawning of the fat-scare to a new food revolution that can actually improve your health; From tasteless, sugar-filled “light” products, to indulgent dishes like chicken with cheese and butter-fried vegetables.

Chapters include:

· What are we designed to eat?
· The mistake, the fat-scare and the obesity epidemics
· How to avoid welfare illnesses
· Weight loss with the pleasure method
· Guide for beginners, questions, answers and myths
· Delicious foods

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