Åsa Ottosson

© Roine Magnusson

Åsa Ottosson

Åsa and Mats Ottosson are both journalists and writers with a close relationship to nature. Together with nature photographer Roine Magnusson, they’ve written several books including the acclaimed Close to Birds (August Prize nominated 2017) and Kor – a love story ( Pandabook of the Year 2012). They all have long-standing professional relationships with both practitioners and researchers and have interviewed hundreds of people about what experiences with nature can mean for our health.

Books by Åsa Ottosson

Close to Birds

Roine Magnusson, Mats Ottosson, Åsa Ottosson

Not a single other wild creature comes as close to us or can warm our hearts, arouse our curiosity and make our pulses rise as much as birds.Close to Birds presents the birds around us as never before. Roine Magnusson – nature’s own studio photograph…

Swedish title: Nära fåglar

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 29-09-2017

Format: 220x235 mm, 240 pages