Back to Nature

Swedish title: Närmare naturen

Category: General Non-Fiction / Lifestyle, Inspiration & Health

Pub date: 28-04-2020

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 192 pages

Back to NatureThe Science Behind the Healing Nature of the Natural World

Åsa Ottosson, Mats Ottosson

Where science meets nature—how and why spending time outdoors helps heal our stressed-out minds and bodies.

Nature is where it happens! Did you know it’s been scientifically proven that the levels of stress and anxiety in our bodies decrease if we simply step outside and enjoy the natural world, even for a few minutes? And the effect isn’t just temporary, in the right circumstances it’s long-lasting and could be life-changing. Whether you’ve heard of the Japanese tradition of forest bathing, or not, if you regularly enjoy a walk in your local park, or climbing a mountain to enjoy the view, you’re already helping your body to heal itself. In BACK TO NATURE, you’ll find out exactly how and when you can use ’the green cure’ to bounce back and perform better—and why it works!

After almost forty years of research, nature’s ability to make us healthier, happier, calmer and smarter has finally been accepted as fact. That nature can be used to build psychological safety, reinforce your connection to the world around you, and that these effects are long-lasting is less well known. Åsa and Mats Ottosson want to change precisely that, and make sure we all get our dose of the nature fix.

BACK TO NATURE is popular science based on hundreds of interviews and solid scientific research into the healthy effects of spending time outside. The authors have travelled the world not just to interview researchers and scientists working in this cutting-edge field of study, they have also experienced the cures themselves and write evocatively about their experiences. In chapters entitled By The Sea, In The Woods, The Great Wide Expanses, In the City and The Sky and The Light, the reader gets the latest research on all these different ways to enjoy the outdoors and what happens inside us when we fully commit to the healing power of nature.

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