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Björn Cederberg

Björn Cederberg is an entomologist. He works at Artdatabanken (Swedish Species Information Centre) which issues Nationalnyckeln (National key) to Sweden’s flora and fauna. He is involved in issues to do with the care of fauna in cultivated land and forests. He is in charge of a project about Swedish wild bees, and has a particular interest in bumblebees.

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Björn Cederberg

Bumblebees – the grower’s best friend Cute, good-natured and quietly buzzing – it is easy to get to like bumblebees. The book shows all 40 species in Sweden, presented by Bo Mossberg, Sweden’s foremost plant illustrator, and bumblebee expert Björn Ce…

Swedish title: Humlor i Sverige

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 25-05-2012