Christel Rönns

Christel Rönns

Christel Rönns was born in Helsinki, Finland, where she still lives together with her husband, two children and a dog. She studied architecture from the beginning, but soon realised it was nothing for her. So she started a new education, at Konstindustriella högskolan in Helsinki, to become a graphic designer. After a few years working in that field, she also started making illustrations for magazines and newspapers, which led to designing book covers which led to illustrating children’s books.

She has also written books of her own, two children’s books have been published so far.

Books by Christel Rönns

The Fabulous Egg

Christel Rönns

A remarkable find on the beach turns out to contain a very special pet – Koi-Koi!One day the family makes a remarkable find on the beach. An egg! It is big and yellow and extremely beautiful. The egg gets to go home with them and Mummy thinks it look…

Swedish title: Det vidunderliga ägget

Category: Children

Pub date: 12-03-2012