Christofer Ekman

Christofer Ekman

CHRISTOFER EKMAN’S style as a chef revolves around straight-forward, uncomplicated cooking. At the heart of is cooking are green and sustainable choices. Christofer has worked at a number of Stockholm’s finest eateries, and in 2010 took home the silver medal in Sweden’s Chef of the Year competition. His long-lasting collaboration with Paul Svensson has seen the pair running the restaurant at Stockholm’s Fotografiska museum for several years now, as well as establishing the food consulting company Pauls kök.

Books by Christofer Ekman

Climate Friendly Meals

Paul Svensson, Christofer Ekman

We throw away more than a third of the food produced worldwide: a terrible waste of both resources and money, and a large strain on the environment. So, it is time to take action against food waste, and award-winning chef Paul Svensson knows just how…

Swedish title: Rädda maten!

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 20-08-2019

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 128 pages