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Eva Robild

Eva Robild is a freelance journalist and author. She writes mainly about gardening but also nature and stress management, and she has her own column in a gardening magazine. Her gardening interest began among gooseberries and perennials in her grandmother’s garden, and she now grows edible as well as ornamental plants with the same enthusiasm. Eva lives in Höganäs in the south of Sweden with her husband, house and garden. She has three grown-up children. She has written around 20 books.

Books by Eva Robild

Natural Mindfulness

Eva Robild

We are all aware that birdsong, rippling water, whispering forests and unbroken horizons are good for the soul, but research now shows a much clearer connection between health and nature. We need to spend time out in the great outdoors to recover, to…

Swedish title: När själen får grönska

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 14-03-2017

Format: 148x200mm, pages 224

Growing vegetables in garden boxes

Eva Robild

This book will help you to maximise the harvest from you planting box! Using a planting box to grow vegetables is more convenient in several ways – it is easier to clear weeds and to fertilise, no heavy digging is needed, you can start the growing se…

Swedish title: Maxad skörd i din pallkrage

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 11-03-2019

Format: 170x240 mm, 128 pages


Kerstin Rosengren

Interest in growing and eating chillies has exploded in recent years. Suddenly everyone wants to grow them and you can understand why – growing chillies is fun and rewarding. The best thing about growing chillies is that there are so many varieties t…

Swedish title: Chili

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 19-03-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 192 pages