Jenny Strömstedt

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Jenny Strömstedt

Jenny Strömstedt is a journalist and well-known presenter on Swedish TV, where she is known for her wide-ranging general knowledge, her energy, empathy and ability to combine seriousness and humour. She works for children’s rights and is an ambassador for UNICEF Sweden. She is also a fervent advocate of equality and has contributed to a number of books on the subject.

Books by Jenny Strömstedt

Children Who Have Changed the World

Jenny Strömstedt

Seventeen children who in various ways have made the world a better place. Such as Louis Braille who invented Braille, Margaret Knight who invented all sorts of things (and had to fight in court for her patents), Liam Hannon who made sandwiches for t…

Swedish title: Barn som förändrat världen

Category: Children

Pub date: 14-09-2020

Format: 184 x 247 mm, 160 pages