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Jonas Bergqvist

Jonas Bergqvist is a qualified physiotherapist, personal trainer and highly regarded lecturer. He runs the successful training company mf Hälsoutbildningar (Health training courses). Jonas has been on a low carb diet since 2005 and has 20 years’ experience of fitness and strength training.

Books by Jonas Bergqvist

LCHF and training

Jonas Bergqvist

Maximise the benefits of training – with low carb food LCHF is a hot topic among people involved in training and gyms. But it is more than just talk. Both exercise fans and elite sportspeople are discovering the advantages of abandoning large quantit…

Swedish title: LCHF & träning

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 20-03-2012

Format: 224 pages,170x240mm, 4+4