LCHF and training

Swedish title: LCHF & träning

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 20-03-2012

Format: 224 pages,170x240mm, 4+4

LCHF and training

Jonas Bergqvist

Maximise the benefits of training – with low carb food

LCHF is a hot topic among people involved in training and gyms. But it is more than just talk. Both exercise fans and elite sportspeople are discovering the advantages of abandoning large quantities of pasta, bread, rice and potatoes in favour of more meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and rich sauces. It’s what’s called LCHF – “Low Carb High Fat”. They have found that with LCHF they can stay healthy and avoid interruptions to training. It is also easier to build up muscles and lose weight. Some find they have more energy than ever before. Others that training injuries and lactic acid are just a distant memory.

This guide will tell you about the right food and the right training – and above all the connection between the two. Jonas Bergqvist has based his book carefully on science and experience. He discusses the various combinations of physical fitness and strength training, what is actually happening in your body, and what results you can expect. He shows that LCHF works very well for certain types of training, but also how stricter variants of LCHF are less than optimal for some other types of training. You will also learn about some possible modifications to the LCHF régime required for maximum effect and training performance. From the contents:

Mankind”s origin

Modifying the training régime

LCHF for fitness training

LCHF for strength training

Benefits of LCHF while training

Disadvantages of LCHF while training

Recipes and weekly menu

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