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Killian Mullarney

Killian Mullarney is one of the leading bird artists today and an acknowledged expert in field identification. He has actively particiapted in the work with the Birdguide from the very beginning. He is frequently consulted in questions about spieces and identification all over the world.

Books by Killian Mullarney

The Bird Guide

Killian Mullarney

THE BEST BIRDGUIDE IN THE WORLD!Since 1999, when The Bird Guide was first published, it has sold more than 1.200 000 copies all over the World. It is the most comprehensive field guide on the market covering birds which can be seen in Europe, North A…

Swedish title: Fågelguiden (2:a uppl)

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 01-02-2010

Format: 448 pages, 135x194mm, color