Lisa Eisenman Frisk


Matilda Gredfors Andersson

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Lisa Eisenman Frisk

Lisa Eisenman Frisk and Monica Eisenman have written several cookbooks together: Two sisters’ sweets, Soups, bread & salads, Winter sweets, Summer sweets and the Eisenman Sisters’ party food. Monica has written and designed a book on her own – Monica Eisenman’s Asiatic noodles and dishes. For several years they ran the Cookbook Café, a combined cookery bookshop and lunch restaurant. They are regular guests on TV and are in demand as stylists and recipe writers in several newspapers.

Books by Lisa Eisenman Frisk

From Scratch

Monica Eisenman, Lisa Eisenman Frisk

You can actually make most of the food you eat yourself and in this book, sisters Lisa and Monika Eisenman prove just how easy it can be.From Scratch contains about 500 recipes for everything from pickled vegetables, spice mixes, chutney, ketchup, sa…

Swedish title: Från grunden med systrarna Eisenman

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 10-04-2017

Format: 195 x 260 mm, 336 pages

Cooking for family and friends

Lisa Eisenman Frisk, Monica Eisenman

The Eisenman sisters love having their family and friendsover, and when they do they all sit round the dining table free food that the sisters have prepared with a huge portion of love and warmth. This is their sixth cookbook and it gives us the oppo…

Swedish title: Till bords med systrarna Eisenman

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 12-03-2015

Format: 195x240 mm, 256 pages