The Party Food Bible

Swedish title: Systrarna Eisenmans mingelmat

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 27-09-2011

Format: 320 pages, 195x260mm, 4+4

The Party Food Bible

Lisa Eisenman Frisk, Monica Eisenman

A party food bible – the only one of its kind

Planning a party or social get-together? Let this book help you. This unbeatable bible of party food has 565 recipes for snacks, canapés and fancy dishes. As well as flavours from the Nordic countries and the Mediterranean, via the US and Mexico to Asia, you will find the recipes you need when you invite the aunts to afternoon tea, or the neighbours to brunch, or your friends to delicious desserts. And some stylish drinks and snacks for a cocktail party.

This party food bible has everything for small or large parties – it’s up to you. Perhaps some small simple pizzas or pies? Luxurious amuse-bouche with scallops? Or oysters with all the accompaniments? Choose among canapés, vol-au-vents, crostini, open sandwiches, terrines, small pancakes, filou pastry puffs, biscuits, salads and lots more. Everything served in glass dishes, on spoons or skewers, or as little nibbles for a really successful party.

The book also provides practical tips and advice about organising parties. It tells you, for example, how much food to provide taking into account the number of guests and duration of the party, how various accompaniments can best be combined, and how to make the attractive canapés shown in the illustrations. For every recipe there is a picture – beautifully photographed by Roland Persson.

16 information-packed chapters with recipes:
Modern Classics -Pies & pancakes – Soups & salads – Amuse-bouche – Fish & shellfish – Nordic food – Tapas & meze – US & Mexico – Asia – Italy & France – Cheese board – Bread & salads – Afternoon tea & brunch – Quick canapés – Drinks & snacks – Desserts

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