Manne Forssberg

Manne Forssberg

Manne Forsberg (born 1983) is just the right person to write a book like this. When he was 15 he started a group for young men where they talked about sex and gender equality. Since then he has been very engaged in these questions, he has been around talking in schools about gender equality as well as sex. He is young enough to remember all those questions he wondered about a few years ago, and old enough to have acquired experience and a wider perspective about this and that. Besides which, he has read up on the subject and is involved in issues concerning sexuality and equality of the sexes. The book has amusing illustrations by Daniel Eskils.

Books by Manne Forssberg

Sex for Guys

Manne Forssberg

It can be extremely difficult for a teenage boy to get hold of decent information about sex and love, and this at a time when he has an endless number of questions he wants to ask.Adults are often afraid of raising the subject at all – many have a “L…

Swedish title: Kukbruk

Category: Children

Pub date: 04-03-2004

Format: 176 pages, bl/w illus.