Siri Helle

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Siri Helle

Siri Helle is a licensed psychologist and has worked with CBT-treatment for depression, stress, and anxiety. She is a fact checker at 1177 Vårdguiden for mental health and regularly appears as a psychological expert in Swedish medias. She is a frequently engaged lecturer and has among other things given a TEDx Talk.

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Siri Helle

Procrastination, anxiety, vice… Many people repeatedly fall into the same emotional traps, opting for temporary relief rather than what is best in the long run. But there is a way to regain control of your feelings. Contrary to common advice on posit…

Swedish title: Känslofällan

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 24-03-2022

Format: 135 x 215 mm, 192 pages