12 Weeks to a Self-Healing Life

Swedish title: 12 veckor till ett självläkande liv

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 18-01-2006

Format: 317 pages

12 Weeks to a Self-Healing Life

Sanna Ehdin

Anyone can improve their health and feel better. This book gives you a 12 week programme which leads you, step by step, towards a more healthy life. It provides you with hard facts and gentle exercises, recipes for quick and easy to prepare dishes, a series of questionnaires to help you to evaluate your health as you progress, together with practical advice along the way. An inspiring book to nourish both body and soul.

12 Weeks to a Self-Healing Life is for anyone who wants to feel better. Sanna Ehdin has written a very practical guide showing you how you can change your life one step at a time by focusing on key factors for your health and the body’s natural, innate ability to heal itself.

In just twelve weeks you can bring about major changes. It takes eight weeks to break a habit which has created a biochemical imbalance, and you need a week (at least) to get started and a couple of weeks to fix your new approach. You also have to accept that setbacks are a part of the process.

This book addresses every aspect, from what we eat to our feelings, our thoughts, and the spiritual dimension. The aim is to create a holistic overview that anyone can use in their own lives, to meet their own needs. It happens gradually, week by week, with plenty of exercises and practical tips to help you along.

Happiness and a zest for life are also great motivators, so let curiosity and the desire to learn something new lead you forward. Make it an exciting journey, where you will learn a great deal about yourself and your needs. We are all unique individuals, and different things make us feel good. The more you’re in touch with yourself, the better your life will function. The road to good health is all about finding your way back to your own life force!

It’s never too late to make a start! A ninety-year old who starts to exercise and take food supplements will have the health of a 70-year old within 12 weeks.

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