A Stranger Comes Knocking

Swedish title: En främling knackar på din dörr

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 13-06-2022

A Stranger Comes Knocking

Håkan Nesser

One stormy night at the end of January, Judith Miller opens the door to a stranger, without knowing that her life has just taken a completely new direction, that this is the moment she will forever look back on as the start of both the best and the worst that happened to her. Years later, the past begins to haunt her and this time she has more to lose…

In the same way, Anna Kowalski makes a fateful decision on an otherwise dreary Valentine’s Day evening, and the lonely man who owns the horses Black and Brown cannot resist the urge to start following a young beautiful girl who takes the same bus.

Any step in a new direction can lead to unforeseen, fatal consequences, and Commissioner Jung must lay out a puzzle with many missing pieces. Some cases a perhaps better left unsolved?

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