Can you trust your gut feeling?

Swedish title: Magkänslans anatomi

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 24-08-2010

Format: 176 pages

Can you trust your gut feeling?

Kristofer Ahlström

Our gut feeling often leads us wrong. Our everyday life has few similarities with the nomadic life on the savannah where it made the difference between life and death.

Therefore we are hopeless at judging risks, understanding simple facts on probability, revealing liers and above all – to use a number of simple principles that could actually help us to make better decisions.

Kristoffer Ahlström’s point is as simple as ominent: to think right often feels wrong, and therefore needs self-discipline!

That’s why this book is full of practical tips on how you can use science results on the apparently irrational processes of decision making. After reading it you will believe more in betting than democracy, put more weight into the lier’s salary than her smile, and realise that most experts can be beaten by an eight-year-old with a calculator.

This is a fascinating journey into the psychological mechanisms that underlie the decisions we make. By combining research in experimental psychology, economics, philosophy and biology the book provides new insights into how we can learn to navigate a world of shining technology and abstract dangers with a brain adapted for picking berries and hunting antelopes.

One thing is for certain: You will never again blindly trust your gut feeling!

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