Cookbook for the Self-Healing Human

Swedish title: Sannas matbok

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 25-05-2010

Format: 192 pages, 195 x 240 mm, colour

Cookbook for the Self-Healing Human

Sanna Ehdin

At last – the ideas are put to practise!
Sanna Ehdin, our guru in holistic health, with more than 750 000 books sold, crowded lectures, has now collected her thoughts in a practical food-guide!

Food that enables you to do more, bringing you happiness and the ability to enjoy life. It’s food that builds our health and gives us vitality. It has to taste good, make us feel pleasantly full, and at the same time provide us with sound nutrition and keep us healthy. By making conscious choices when it comes to food, you can influence your health very quickly.

If you follow the advice and the recipes in this book you will automatically feel healthier, more alert and more vital. It’s all about finding the joy in life and making space for positive cooking. Let this book inspire you to health and well-being.

This Cookbook makes food preparation quick and simple as well as tasty and nutritious. As a bonus you will also learn why “self-healing food” is so good, and how to live longer and more healthily; the book also includes key facts and tables.

The book includes recipes for:
Salads and raw food
Nutritious soups
Root vegetables and green vegetables
Beans, tofu and pulses
Poultry, fish, game and meat
Sauces and accompaniments
Delicious puddings